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Richard Bandler’s way

nlp courses afb1Neuro Linguistic Programming is the name of a program that was developed back in the 70’s. A handful of University People in California made it their business to find out what made people successful and what not. They found that to be successful or not had to do with a person’s mindset.

For instance people encounter bad luck and some of those people end up depressed and unable to do things where others use their bad luck to find and fight their way to a high level of productiveness, creativity and happiness. One might think that a person’s mindset is a given. That it is bad luck to encounter bad luck with a lousy and inadequate mindset, but hey what can you do?

What then?
Fortunately the researchers didn’t leave it at that. They found a relatively easy way for people to adjust their mindset. They modeled (copy catted) successful people and came to understand how they think, behave and what makes them tick in general. First step to success is to communicate clearly and adequately with yourself (yes, yes) and with others. Next step: to understand why people (and you yourself) behave the way they do. And how to adjust that behavior (and talk) towards adequacy regarding the circumstances, towards successfulness.

Eh, again?
Yes, this all sound fairly vague, right? It takes between 7-9 days to get a grip. To learn personal effectivity, NLP. The only thing you have to do – or have your coworkers do – is to take a seat in the pressure cooker that is this NLP Practitioner Course, Bandler Style. Acknowledged and endorsed by The Society of NLP in the USA. Of course, there are longer ways to learn NLP. Cherub herself had been training NLP in 16 days, spread over 5 or 6 months for over a decade. Trainings that were endorsed by a Dutch umbrella organization. These courses were tremendously effective and well-working. They also took a lot of time. So, that’s where Angélique de Graaff started out listening, looking and getting the feel of the founders of NLP. She learned a lot. She learned from John Grinder a relatively new development called New Code, that she still puts into a masterclass for NLP practitioners to attend. She walked through virgin NLP snow of Frank Pucelik, who put the use of NLP to the benefit of the people in need (addicted people, war veterans (PTSD) etc) and she – skeptically at first – went to experience the Bandler style NLP.

Content may vary not that much, but Richard Bandler put the pressure cooker on and it worked! It didn’t take long (as she was already an experience NLP trainer) for her to find out what made the pressure cooker work. How come an NLP course of little over a week could be as good as any longer one. It had to do with language (Milton Language) and fun. To get the highest learning state John Grinder uses New Code and that is extremely useful. To learn the regular NLP practitioner stuff Richard Bandler uses a language full of embedded commands, with cliff hanger stories and metaphors, hypnotic suggestions and skill training in a fun atmosphere appeared to be really effective. So that’s the style Cherub adapted for her courses and she was soon certified as an International NLP trainer with Bandler’s Society of NLP.

People you might want to look up

Richard Bandler
The boy genius, student at the University of Santa Cruz, California. He was a copy cat that treated clients in a better way than his models Fritz Perls and Virgina Satir, just because he understood with parts of the behavior of these well-known psychologists were effective and which were not. So he chose to use only the effective bits.

John Grinder
Professor in linguistics back then at the same University. He unravelled the language of the successful models, and found a way to transfer this effective language to later generations as ourselves.

Frank Pucelik
A student that worked together with Bandler at the time, leading big groups of students in so called meta-groups, where group therapy as well as research to personal effectiveness took place. All of these three founders are still actively teaching NLP. All in their own way. Angélique de Graaff feels so grateful to have been able to study for long stretches of time with each of them.

Cherub – Angélique de Graaff
Amongst other things, she is a passionate NLP trainer who can’t stop gathering knowledge on the subject of human effectiveness, personal management and development. As said, she studied with the 3 founders, but also with the first generation NLP students: Robert Dilts and Connirea Andreas.

Short and Effective Time Investment
In a time that ‘time’ seems to be scarce, or at least the perception of many people is that time flies, she found Bandler’s way of teaching NLP perfectly suitable. 7-9 days, and anyway planned within a timeframe of a fortnight at most ( so not spread over a longer period of

Joint Venture Cherub / BGL & partners
Not only was Angélique de Graaff educated in NLP, coaching, training and hypnosis by BGL & partners, she also performed trainings for them over the last decade. BGL & partners is a company that counsels people and organizations in their development. The object of each training is providing means to experience and practice. After 25 years BGL & partners, knows and cares about personal development and solution driven approaches. Aside from vocational trainings as coach and training courses, NLP – as a communication training – in this new form is an absolute winner. Not surprising then that when she decided to go for the Internationally Certified NLP training, acknowledged by the Society of NLP, she contacted BGL & partners to find out if there were ways to cooperate and bring this NLP style into the world. Thus a Joint Venture was born and effectively so. Dutch NLP courses were delivered in Open Courses as well as In-Company. And still are. As Angélique de Graaff was NLP educated and graduated in the English language and the market showed interest in English NLP Courses, the joint venture decided to promote English Courses (open courses and in-company).

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