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The NLP adventure begins: around the world !

John Grinder, Richard Bandler and Frank Pucelik. I’ve been on a road trip for years now, to travel all around the world anjoying the NLP adventure.Like an elderly groupie following the trails of the NLP founders. I followed John Grinder to Amsterdam, which is not very far really, when you live in Holland:-), and to Spain, Murcia to get a grip on his New Code development and to learn about The Healer Within, a way to help your body heal itself in an almost shamanic way. Fascinating and extensively explained in a long-term mail correspondence for which I remain eternally grateful.




Then the Dutch NLP Association started assigning me to the task that I already started. Amazing, right? Like the Universe spilling it’s good fortune upon me. So to London I went to check out Richard Bandler. And – although the two founders lost contact with each other – the whole encounter opened a window to their beginning days. A puzzle started to fit, the pieces fell into place. More so in Orlando during the trainers training, where I went on my private groupie tour again.






Conjured out of a black hat, came Frank Pucelik, the third founder, so far unknown to the world. He appeared to be a gem. Again, assigned by the DNLPA, I stormed to Moscow and – by the nicest gesture ever – was turned from a paying student into a guest free of charge. The virgin snow of NLP was with him. Virtually untrodden and delivered in the nicest and most emphatic way.

Angelique de Graaff Frank Pucelik Moscow 2016 afb2






Dr. Imran Muhammad

On groupie’s way I met with Dr. Imran Muhammad in Murcia. A meeting that held great impact. Somehow he became the glue to fit all NLP and hypnosis impressions from the last years together and a trip to Karachi to teach for his charity organization, was a highlight in itself.

Trip to Karachi:                        Dr. Imran teaching Hypnoses in Holland:








Tanya Bunting

In London I met with Tanya Bunting who fell for my NLP way to help teachers ( She had me come to John Kane’s Bradford Referral Unit to help out teachers, a most wonderful bunch of already highly skilled and passionate people. All in all I will remain a groupie till my last days, enjoying NLP in wonder and amazement and teaching it with that particular mindset ( I’m a most grateful groupie, grateful to all founders for leaving the world with this exceptional toolbox of life-changers and insights.








Yes, Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, to be your guest is on my bucket list for a while now. My performance in a tv show in Karachi didn’t really reach the teachers here, yet….






The organization for unemployment and welfare recipients (Werksaam) facilitated a full International NLP course (approved by the Society of NLP) for their Managers and Teamleaders.








NLP high impact with BGL & partners

NLP high impact, intensive course in a joint venture with BGL & partners ( and NLP after over 45 years still proves to help people change their lives for the better.








I’m almost on my way to set foot in Odessa, where Frank Pucelik will host me in his House of Everest, where young addicts and abused kids are treated with this toolbox for over 25 years now. I will be there to find ways to transfer his approach to my work in Holland.


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